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The Varroa Mite

Originally discovered and named Varroa jacobsoni in Indonesia in 1904, varroa established a strong foothold in many eastern countries and eventually moved to America. The mite was detected there in 1987. During that time, scientists learned that the jacobsoni species of varroa was not the one causing all the damage to our European honeybees. They found that V. destructor is the name of the mite … [Read more...]

Homemade Beeswax Lip Balm

What better way to protect your lips from harsh, dry conditions than to wear a little lip balm? Of course you could buy a 0.15oz tube for 1 or 2 dollars but, then you expose your lips to harmful and environmentally hazardous chemicals. Another option is to buy the more expensive “natural” kind but, what a ridiculous price to pay for less than 1 oz. of something that you could make yourself for … [Read more...]

Different Methods of Fall and Winter Feeding

Did you know that freezing temperatures could cause a hive to starve to death, even if there is food sitting right above them? Hunger isn't always strong enough motivation for cozy little bees, which is one reason why we should provide our bees with easily accessible food stores. Ideally, you can leave a super or two of honey on a hive and they will over winter on it just fine. Each hive … [Read more...]

Studying Honey Bee Health and CCD

It's that time of year again, when beekeepers across the country are gearing up for winter. Every measure will be taken to ensure each hive has enough surplus food to keep their colony buzzing until next spring. For some that means leaving a super or two of fall honey, Cooking up fondant, feeding pollen or grease patties, giving any needed treatments, and so on. Just the same fall routine we … [Read more...]