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Honey of a Remedy

'Tis the season for coughs, sore throats, sneezing, runny noses, dry skin, and chapped lips. People everywhere are spending money on over the counter pharmaceuticals in an attempt to beat the germs this year. While most beekeepers have a wonderful home remedy stored away in jars or buckets just waiting for that little bear to need refilling. You know, that sweet stuff that makes biscuits taste … [Read more...]

Crush and Strain Method of Extracting Honey

How much do you know about this method of extracting honey? When you think of a honey harvest you probably imagine a building outside with honey bees flying all over and maybe some beehives around it. A beekeeper in coveralls is working a big shiny stainless steel drum feeding frames of honey in and pulling empty frames out. That's definitely the ideal situation but not what many beekeepers … [Read more...]

Pollen Really is Valuable!

Believe it or not, honey bee pollen is good for more than causing allergies! It has been shown that 35 grams of honey bee pollen a day contains all the known nutrients to sustain human life, and fresh honey bee pollen is more nutritionally valuable than honey! honey bee pollen is also a necessary ingredient for a honeybee's diet. Without the correct amount of honey bee pollen in a hive the colony … [Read more...]

Homemade Beeswax Lip Balm

What better way to protect your lips from harsh, dry conditions than to wear a little lip balm? Of course you could buy a 0.15oz tube for 1 or 2 dollars but, then you expose your lips to harmful and environmentally hazardous chemicals. Another option is to buy the more expensive “natural” kind but, what a ridiculous price to pay for less than 1 oz. of something that you could make yourself for … [Read more...]

Honey Recipes for the Holiday Beekeeper

This is a lovely time of year; life takes on a slower pace as outside work slows. With Thanksgiving just behind us and Christmas around the corner you may wonder what I'm talking about, but in all reality, the work-load does seem lighter when there is no grass to cut, no vegetable gardens to tend to, no honey-harvesting, etc.etc. Do keep an eye on your bees; make sure they have plenty of food as … [Read more...]