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Smoker Fuels for Beekeepers

The practice of using smoke to calm a beehive is probably as old as the idea of robbing a bunch of stinging insects. However, no one really understood how it works until the 20th century and we still don't fully understand. Thanks to science, we do know that smoke covers a pheromone that the bees … [More...]

Planning A Bee Garden

Along with the new year comes new plans, big hopes, and lots of inspiring ideas. One idea that I hope will take hold in the backyards of people all over the world is a bee garden. Bee gardens are a wonderful way to give the bees in your area an extra source of food while providing plenty of … [More...]

Honey Remedies

Honey of a Remedy

'Tis the season for coughs, sore throats, sneezing, runny noses, dry skin, and chapped lips. People everywhere are spending money on over the counter pharmaceuticals in an attempt to beat the germs this year. While most beekeepers have a wonderful home remedy stored away in jars or buckets just … [More...]

2010/2011 Winter Honey Bee Losses Down

Released May 23, 2011 by Extension.org WASHINGTON — Total losses from managed honey bee colonies nationwide were 30 percent from all causes for the 2010/2011 winter, according to the annual survey conducted by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the Apiary Inspectors of America … [More...]

Featured ‘How To’ Article

The Slatted Rack

CC Miller, an accomplished beekeeper and author, invented the slatted rack in the early 1900's after he noticed that the bee's general well being seemed to … [Read More...]

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Queen of the Sun

I found an interesting review on the Queen of the Sun by Bonnie King at Salem News In Oregan, I thought you might enjoy reading. The link to the full review is at the bottom: In Oregon, honeybees have been … [Read More...]

Beekeeping: Somebody has to do it!

From Farm and Dairy an article by Susan Mykrantz WOOSTER, Ohio — “We can always find bees, but we can’t always find beekeepers,” said Dr. James Tew, Ohio State University Extension bee specialist. “I can’t … [Read More...]

CATCH THE BUZZ – How Much Honey, Really…

CATCH THE BUZZ - How Much Honey, Really... EZezine What the 2010 Honey numbers don’t tell you. On Friday, Feb 25, at 3:00 PM, the USDA ARS released the results of their annual honey industry survey. It … [Read More...]