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How To Trapout Honeybees

Sometimes you have a situation where doing a cutout (removing bees and comb) isn't practical because of the location of the hive. Maybe you have a business and can't afford to close for the amount of time it takes to remove a colony from the wall and make the repairs. You could also have a historic building or just don't have the access. In these cases a trapout is going to be your best bet. … [Read more...]

The Slatted Rack

CC Miller, an accomplished beekeeper and author, invented the slatted rack in the early 1900's after he noticed that the bee's general well being seemed to improve when given extra space under the brood chamber. Originally, he built 2 inch deep bottom boards to create this space but quickly found that the bees would build honeycomb in it. Consequently, the slatted rack was conceived. It created a … [Read more...]