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Alternative Varroa Control

In a previous article I've written concerning varroa mites I mentioned the three general methods of treatment. The chemical method was first which, personally, I try to avoid since chemicals have so many disadvantages. I also wrote of a few things you can do mechanically like installing screen bottom boards, replacing old comb, and removing drone comb. Here are a couple of alternative treatment … [Read more...]

Controlling Wax Moths

Wax moths are a common problem for beekeepers. They are small, tan in color, and eat the comb in a beehive. They lay eggs in the wax which hatch and the larvae burrow through the frame of comb as they eat whatever is in their path. These small, white larvae leave behind a web-like mess filled with feces and debris. They will kill a weak colony and ruin any stored equipment. Some may say that it … [Read more...]

Installing Your First Package of Bees

Many people start their beekeeping journey by ordering a package of bees. This package includes 3lbs of bees and a queen. It will need a little more TLC than a full colony or a nuc since the bees will have to build their hive from the very beginning. The queen will have to be released from her cage and establish her reign, the package of bees will have to build comb and prepare the hive, and the … [Read more...]

Dealing With a Dead Hive

It's spring time again! Which means flowers, pollen, drones, honey, firing up the smoker, and cleaning up dead outs. Hives die over the winter for various reasons, the most common being starvation. The weather gets so cold that they cannot leave their warm cluster to get food or they die trying. When this happens you will usually see dead bee bodies sometimes “frozen” in the cluster, or piled up … [Read more...]

Pollen Really is Valuable!

Believe it or not, honey bee pollen is good for more than causing allergies! It has been shown that 35 grams of honey bee pollen a day contains all the known nutrients to sustain human life, and fresh honey bee pollen is more nutritionally valuable than honey! honey bee pollen is also a necessary ingredient for a honeybee's diet. Without the correct amount of honey bee pollen in a hive the colony … [Read more...]

Planning A Bee Garden

Along with the new year comes new plans, big hopes, and lots of inspiring ideas. One idea that I hope will take hold in the backyards of people all over the world is a bee garden. Bee gardens are a wonderful way to give the bees in your area an extra source of food while providing plenty of enjoyment for yourself. They can be as simple or complex as you wish and size, color, or shapes are only … [Read more...]