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Installing Your First Package of Bees

Many people start their beekeeping journey by ordering a package of bees. This package includes 3lbs of bees and a queen. It will need a little more TLC than a full colony or a nuc since the bees will have to build their hive from the very beginning. The queen will have to be released from her cage and establish her reign, the package of bees will have to build comb and prepare the hive, and the … [Read more...]

Dealing With a Dead Hive

It's spring time again! Which means flowers, pollen, drones, honey, firing up the smoker, and cleaning up dead outs. Hives die over the winter for various reasons, the most common being starvation. The weather gets so cold that they cannot leave their warm cluster to get food or they die trying. When this happens you will usually see dead bee bodies sometimes “frozen” in the cluster, or piled up … [Read more...]