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National Honey Bee Awareness Day

The past couple of years, CCD has allowed many in the public to read about problems, hear our concerns, and for some, actually get involved. But for as many side benefits that CCD has created, what will happen when that same chatter goes away? Will we wait for the next tragic circumstances to unfold and hope we benefit from that also? Or is it time to perhaps do something ourselves to further those benefits?

Ever hear about the “Great American Smoke Out”? Can you imagine that same recognition or effort from the bee industry?

I am hoping to gain support for a day where county clubs across the country will all hold events targeted at education and connecting with the public. A day where some event such as an open house can allow the public to come in contact with the beekeeping industry.

Can you imagine all county clubs holding an event all on the same day? The marketing benefits, advertisement, and public awareness would be multiplied as compared to any stand alone single event. Can you further envision county and state associations all across the country coming together to support such efforts?

Many clubs already are active in supporting environmental centers, school programs, etc. This day could be centered around opening up an apiary or honey house, to allow the public an opportunity to get involved in bees. Perhaps a honey tasting can be set up. Or information on making the public aware of the impact that homeowners have with pesticides and chemicals. The possibilities are many.

What I am hoping to do is to get every county club to participate this year in a coordinated effort to hold a “National Honey Bee Awareness Day” event, all at the same time. Saturday, August 22, 2009 has been selected for the first organized event.

This can be a day where county and individual clubs can set aside their individual goals, and take part in an event designed to promote bees on a larger scale unattainable by a single group. There are many events tailored at bringing the bee community together. There are county bee association meetings, state association meetings, and national conferences. But they get beekeepers together, and do little from the public’s viewpoint. A day where the public takes priority can benefit everyone involved. A National Honey Bee Awareness Day event, can be tailored at opening the doors of the beekeeping community and centered around getting more involved. A day where we give back to the community.

I am hoping to get a commitment from each and every county club. Will yours be willing to get involved?

Some ideas for the day’s event….

  • * Hold an open house at an apiary, education center, or county environmental center.
  • * Select topics focused on introducing honey bees to the general public, the importance of bees in the food industry, pesticides and what homeowners can do to help keep bees healthy, etc.
  • * Provide refreshments. Invite people to come out and have a hot dog and a coke while learning about bees. (Donations from a market sponsoring the event is something to consider.)
  • * Advertise in at least one newspaper in your county. This is great for the community events page and great exposure for the club or association. A press release will be distributed to help get this accomplished.
  • * This can be used as an introduction for many people in helping them get into beekeeping. County club membership would no doubt benefit from such an event.
  • * Consider a “honey tasting” for the public.

The idea is to get as many groups involved doing something that day to promote the bee industry. What each club does is up to them. The point is to harness the energy, advertisement, marketing, and goodwill of the bee industry coming together all at the same time.

We celebrate a day to plant a tree every year (arbor day). We have national news and get all excited about pulling out a groundhog every year. It is about time we have a day dedicated to bees.

Please see www.nhbad.com for updates and a list with those making a commitment to the event.

This is a grassroots effort. We are asking for your support. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Mike Thomas


  1. waliu adigun says

    hello sir. you are doing a great job. and i realy enjoy your lecture . thanks and god we bless you amen,

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